Blue sapphires dating agency

16-Dec-2015 18:47

Sapphire, like ruby, is also frequently subjected to treatments and enhancements.Before you embark on a sapphire buying adventure, learn how to evaluate a sapphire’s quality and avoid potential pitfalls.Tone refers to a color’s relative lightness, from colorless (0) to black (10).Saturation refers to a color’s intensity, from grayish or brownish (1) to vivid (6). Other hues present are not capitalized and may be further described as “sl” for slightly and “st” for strongly. Top blue sapphire color consists of a hue of violet-blue or blue, a medium to deep tone of 5 to 6, and a vivid saturation, 6.

Mention sapphire and most people will probably imagine blue colored gems. Long associated with royalty, sapphires are some of the most popular and expensive gems in the world.Although blue sapphires are probably the most famous examples, these exquisite corundum gemstones come in virtually every color. Their resistance to scratching makes them perfect for jewelry for every occasion.The International Gem Society (IGS) sapphire value listing has price guidelines for sapphires from various sources with different color and clarity grades, sizes, and cut styles.For an excellent general guide to gemstone grading, see Donald Clark’s A Consumer’s Guide to Gemstone Grading.

In the GIA color grading system, color consists of three qualities: hue, tone, and saturation.The basic hues are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, and purple.