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Really, the Monster just wants to be off its leash. Switching the engine mode from Sport to Touring helps, but the Monster still compels you to ride faster,” says TR.

The Ducati Monster 1200S didn’t do so great against most of the other players in last year’s Super Naked Street Brawl, but mostly because two of the other four were our Motorcycle of the Year KTM Super Duke R and the BMW S1000R, which came within a whisker of overcoming the incredible SDR.

The Monster suffered more in the track portion of that test than on the street, though, mainly let down by a lack of ground clearance when leaned into Chuckwalla’s endless high speed turns – a non-issue on the road. It was on like WWII, with the exception that Germany and Italy were allies in that affair, up to a point.

Back on the street, il Mostro was a highly pleasant thing to ride – as nearly all motorcycles are that deliver 84 pound-feet of torque. 2015 BMW R1200R First Ride Ei C Duke tasked us with coming up with a couple of waypoints to honor the respective engineering heritages of the two storied brands without breaking the Storied German heritage in LA?The 132 horses up top are like having your burrito wet. No problem: The Weinerschnitzel on PCH in Wilmington is the very first one, dating all the way back to the mid-20th century (1961).Duke reckons its popping on overrun is “the most deliciously wicked cackle I’ve heard from a production exhaust.” There’s also a reasonably good passenger seat under the plastic cover.The one annoying thing about the Monster in town is its monstrous turning radius.

Yeah, well, the Super Duke R made 96 pound-feet and 156 hp. As you can see, this one adheres to the classic Boxer engine architecture, with its drive-thru bisecting the two horizontally-opposed halves of the structure. There are no coincidences in Deutschland, mein Herr.So we decided the Monster S is less of a streetfighter and more of a hot-rod roadster, and therefore the perfect excuse for T. Tom went with the grilled bratwurst; Evans and I with the bacon chili cheese dog. Just as well, as we have a long day’s ride ahead of us…