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Ball games and other events are dating activities as well. We were both required to follow standard dormitory student guidelines.

A: Reality Check: The root goal of dating, regardless of other motivations or objectives, is to find a mate. It is far more important to determine the spiritual condition and character of a person than to find out if they're great at "making out." The marital physical relationship will wax and wane during a lifetime of marriage; the character of the people in the relationship will be quite consistent and will be what you're really "living with."For a detailed inside look at dating "seriously" at BJU, please see the sidebar on BJU Marriages. Off-campus dates were chaperoned, and Jessica had a curfew.

I was not a student at the time, and it was my bright (dumb) idea.

A: There are various places around campus that are chaperoned--excuse me, hosted--and available during most class hours and in the evenings: The Student Center, Social Parlor, and Snack Shop are the most obvious. After graduation, I stayed in the Greenville area and we continued dating.

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For example, it's assumed and expected that a gentleman may offer his arm to a lady during the rare icy days on campus. But don't get carried away, literally or figuratively.

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