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05-Feb-2016 00:45

The Perfect Man (% Chance for First Date) 1.) Education (30 Percent): Master’s Degree 2.) Income (22 percent): 0,000 to 0,000 3.) Body Type (17 Percent): Athletic Build 4.) Hair Color (14 Percent): Brown 5.) Eye Color (12 Percent): Blue 6.) Drinking (4 Percent): Social Drinker 7.) Smoking (1 Percent): Non-Smoker This is no standard by any means.At the end of the day, a respectful gentleman will beat a wealthy, blue-eyed, brown-haired asshole.While it's not a stretch to imagine some things might have been exaggerated on the so-called reality show, Kristin flatly stated that everything on The Hills was 'pretty fake' and that she was 'pretty much' coached on what to say and do.

Female members were asked to rank the most important qualities in a man.

On Wednesday (pictured), they were seen alone together for the first time'Sheryl and Bobby have known each other for many years, through attending events like the Allen & Co.

The romance, first reported by Page Six, comes ten months after Sandberg's husband Dave, 47, died after suffering head trauma and blood loss following a fall off a treadmill due to a heart arrhythmia while he and his wife were on vacation in Mexico.

First picture: Facebook chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg (third left) is pictured with her new Call Of Duty-creator billionaire boyfriend Bobby Kotick (second right) as they board a private jet outside his Los Angeles home on Wednesday The Facebook COO (right) was seen with billionaire Kotick (left) over the weekend at various Oscar parties and the two have been friends for years.

The answers were then weighted accordingly when determining the overall value of “The Perfect Man.” Overall, women believed Education was the most important quality, followed by Income, Body Type, Hair Color, Eye Color, Drinking, and Smoking.Here is what the women in various cities believed to be the most important quality in a man: In our survey, the qualities were broken down and weighted by importance, based on all responses by the major cities.

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