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30-Apr-2016 09:27

There was also some talk as to the manner in which the WTKK Promotions Director was let go. The website Universal Hub is hearing that WBZ management has just informed the staff that, in response to protests, Steve Leveille has been hired back. Leveille back to old slot, Dyett to do Sunday mornings The Christian Science Monitor (of all places) recently had this article about the changes in radio, and the increase reliance on syndicated fare and voice tracked announcers from out of town.Boston's own Donna Halper is quoted in the article. And he would say "We'll be able to listen to orchestras on it from all the way in New York on it! Long before the internet, radio was the first electronic medium.Amazing stories, quirky station operators and owners..the first concepts as to how to make radio a financially viable business. He is sometimes referred to as a real life Ted Baxter.Can you imagine a farmer coming back to the prairie from the "big city" with a box. However, from anyone who has met him, he is one of the nicest guys in the business.He is also known by those who have worked with him as a hard worker.

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The Herald's Jessica Heslam has this story today...Greater Media Boston axes 11One of the ways you can tell the character of a company is the manner in which they let go of people when the time comes.