Boyfriend is addicted to online dating sites

21-Jan-2015 07:12

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I think I was in denial about what was really happening -- he has been being sexual with other women, even if it's on the phone or computer, which makes me very uncomfortable -- so now I have stopped having sex with him.

I have been upset for all these months -- angry, depressed and anxious. The therapist said i need to step back and I have tried to do that.

I've stopped cooking dinner for him, letting him come over late at night (he works nights), and I've pulled back from his elderly parents, with whom I became overinvolved.

I'm in a difficult situation, am not sure what to do and would welcome advice or guidance from group members.

In short, my boyfriend keeps seeking other women online to talk to, to text (sext), and to send sexual photos to him.

He promised to stop but didn't, just hid the profile.

Everytime I found out we would go through the same thing -- I would be upset, he would promise to stop, say that he loves me, is committed to me, needs me, wants to marry me, etc.

About two weeks after went went to see the therapist I found out that he created a new profile on the other site.

I would believe him and then within a few weeks I would find out he was doing it again.I found out that he is into porn and subcribes to two porn sites, and I also found out that he had a profile on a different site.After many months of saying he would stop but not stopping, he now admits that he has a problem and is talking to his therapist about it.I understand that this is his problem and that only he can fix it. I found out about this four months ago but it has been going on since our relationship began nine months ago.

Then we went to see his therapist, who said his problem is about impulse control and a need for attention.

The therapist said it really isn't about me or the relationship.