Bpd dating bipolar

24-May-2015 08:49

What better place to do so than right here in my blog?

Ben had bipolar disorder, which meant that he had episodes of mania and depression.

People who suffer from Borderline Personality Disorder often have chaotic and unstable relationships.

They--as I believe Ben did--saw things in terms of black and white and experience what is called "splitting".

Recently, a reader of my book was very upset that I allowed myself to remain in the relationship with my college boyfriend, Ben, when he was treating me so badly.

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According to Mitchell & Black (1995), "This makes them experience love and sexuality in perverse and violent qualities which they cannot integrate with the tender, intimate side of relationships." I find the borderline pathology of "splitting" particularly enlightening when I look back on my relationship with Ben.

People with this pathology tend to fuse anxieties in their closest relationships, because they do not have normal boundaries of self and other.