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18-Feb-2015 12:23

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I moved back in with my parents for a bit before I could get my own place.

She disappeared a few states away, and I had to hire someone to track her down to sign the divorce paperwork. I would't say they're all conscienceless and insensitive, but they do seem to either not care or be insensitive to the misfortune they cause with other people and they do have a tendency to manipulate.

I have no problem accepting the way she is, but there is no way someone with BPD and an Aspie can possible stay together unless both parties are willing to keep in account one another's special needs..... My (undiagnosed aspie) brother married a borderline and she pretty much ruined his life and is now ruining his child's life.

The reason I say it is a bad match is because of aspie gullibility and sensitivity and the corresponding consciencelessness and insensitivity of a borderline.

NT dealing with borderline are regularly driven over the edge..to the mix someone with aspergers who may not pick up the fact that what they are dealing with is projection instead of being the reason for someone's miserable life...

I can understand how we *would* be driven to attract borderlines, being that we wouldn't be able to read sociopathy as well as NT, probably, and might get sucked in before we knew what we were dealing with... She took advantage of my gullibility and my literal sense and manipulated me into thinking that I was always wrong and she was always right.

If you try to make this work you need alot of support and a diagnosis for the borderline and a willingness on their part to really work on their issues, with DBT therapy etc.

Borderline is curable, sure, the reason it has such a poor prognosis is because so few borderline are willing to accept *they* are in fact the problem in their lives, and even fewer are willing to do the very hard work to change.

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After the first meeting, the counselor just wanted to see her.After a few sessions with the counselor, she stopped going and it got worse again.

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