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12-Nov-2014 01:42

He thinks doing an obstacle course and then doing a runway isn’t a practical portrayal of modeling but it does provide good entertainment.He thought it was a great finale to have a crazy Russian and a competitive American going for the title.Brett spoke about growing up in Florida and going to University of Central Florida.There a member of his fraternity suggested he get into modeling and so he started doing it his junior year.Still, he said Mary Alice was a positive figure on the show and that she is a great lady and a sweetheart that everyone on the show liked.

The movie is about a person who wins a reality show and moves into a penthouse with several roommates. Brett was in his manager’s office when a producer for the movie came in and recognized him and said he loved seeing Brett on the show and definitely would put him in the movie without the need for an audition.

He said other models (not on the show) tell him that they actually liked the show.

On the subject of fame, Brett said that when he and Pickel go out to eat, people will scream out their names from their cars while taking pictures.

Brett still thinks it is fun and hopes it continues.

It wasn’t practical yet because he was still a full time student, so he started doing it more for real after graduation.Concerning Mary Alice Stephenson, Brett he explained that when he backtalked Mary Alice, it was because he was doing runway just as he had been taught to do it and how he had been doing it already professionally.