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07-Nov-2014 21:33

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Translation of large amounts of routine correspondence is 5 cents per word. The average bill for buying the present, interviewing the subject, and shooting and e-mailing her photos is normally around 0-150. Prices depend on the volume and difficulty of the order. Whether you want to understand a newspaper article or need translation of a document we will help!

Examples: review of correspondence to see if it fits the scammer pattern; sending a registered telegram to check if there is such a person at the indicated address; money delivered directly to the person, with identity check; - Have you been scammed?

I regret to say we have experienced finding scammers and initiating action.

I can provide you all-around travel assistance: advice on selecting a hotel, book accommodoation, pick up at the airport and transfer, offer you an orientation tour and advise on places to shop, eat, exchange money etc.

Please note that while I can be hired, I don't sell anything specific.

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I will be just as happy to talk you out of the silly Moldovan/Russian bride idea as to help you find you a beautiful woman with family values. For a consultation involving 4-6 e-mails and perhaps a couple of phone calls will be appropriate.

Placing an ad, providing a Post Office Box address, collecting letters, translating those into English, and scanning and e-mailing photos will typically generate a 0-150 bill. Same for thoughtfully selecting and purchasing the present on your behalf.

Detailed report will be posted at Uncle Pasha's site in the near future.

I may advise on local laws and procedures, represent your interests at Police and other legal institutions;- You decided to come to Moldova and meet your Moldovan lady.

Her telephone number has changed (regional codes has changed from October 2003 in Moldova and you may be dialing with a wrong code)? I may run a search of your friend and find her new contact details for you; - Your girlfriend knows very little of English and this hinders your communication?I may teach her spoken and written English, be your interpreter at the very beginning of your communication, translate in a phone conference;- Checking if your friend is real.