Bridget marquardt who is she dating

27-Sep-2015 01:36

true, it's that Bridget is indeed as sweet as the girl next door.She just happens to have a slightly less than conventional story: Back in the day, she went to L. (even though she was married at the time) to visit the mansion in hopes of becoming a Playmate.Some of them are so gaudy with so many different diamonds on them.I'd want something very clean."Hmm…that's not exactly how we'd describe a diamond in the shape of a spider...

Marquardt told us at the time, admitting she's taking charge of picking out the design of the ring."I see a lot of ugly rings on people and I think, ew, I wouldn't want that. "As the self-proclaimed "Queen of Halloween," Marquardt plays off the theme of her favorite holiday, holding her hand above a spooky sign that reads "Till Death Do Us Part." But the most eye-catching piece of the photo is (of course) the bling: a large, sparkling rock in the shape of a black widow! Did I mention @nicholascarpenter and I are engaged?

star took to Instagram on Thursday to announce that her longtime director boyfriend Nick Carpenter popped the question! News in 2010 when she and Carpenter first began looking at engagement bling."We are looking into that," Ms.

While it's unclear whether or not this is her actual engagement ring, we can't help but remember the comments she made to E!