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The Minister of the Interior, Joëlle Milquet, was also nearby and arrived on the scene a few minutes later. Two of the victims were Israelis, Emanuel and Miriam Riva, a middle-aged couple on holiday from Tel Aviv, while a French woman named Dominique Sabrier was the third victim.

A young Belgian man who worked at the museum, Alexandre Strens, was critically wounded A nationwide manhunt was launched for the attacker, who was described as being of medium height and athletic build, and wearing a dark baseball cap. A man who was seen driving from the museum was detained, but released after questioning, and remains a witness in the investigation.‎‎; born 17 April 1985), a 29-year-old French national, was arrested on 30 May at the Saint-Charles railway station in Marseille in connection with the shooting.

Abaaoud was the ringleader of a series of coordinated terrorist attacks in Paris that occurred on 13 November 2015.

The attack is being investigated as terrorism by Belgian authorities.

On 30 May, Mehdi Nemmouche, a 29-year-old French national of Algerian origin, was arrested at Marseille in connection with the shooting.

He reportedly told hostages in Syria he was planning an attack in Paris on Bastille Day.

On , a gunman opened fire at the Jewish Museum of Belgium in Brussels, Belgium, killing four people.Three died at the scene; a fourth was taken to the hospital and died on 6 June.Nemmouche is suspected to have returned to France from fighting for Islamist rebels in the Syrian Civil War in 2013. His father abandoned his mother before he was born and he was raised primarily by his grandmother and in group homes.Prior to leaving for Syria, he already had a long criminal history, including arrests for armed robbery, vehicle theft, and vandalism.

A hidden file containing a 40-second video was discovered in one of the cameras; in it, Nemmouche's weapons are recorded and a voice, believed to belong to Nemmouche by police, claimed responsibility for the museum shooting in an audio commentary.Analysis of a telephone call made by Abdelhamid Abaaoud established that he was in contact with Nemmouche during January 2014.

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