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I guess we have the PG-13 rating to thank for that.On the plus side there's an impressive set design and some dark atmosphere, unfortunately there's not much going on around it to save this remake from being sub-par. Having burned through all eight episodes, Yoda hit the studio, putting together a mixtape featuring not just sound clips and music from the show but other influences he believed helped bring it together (basically, lots of Carpenter music). It’s difficult these days with Netflix and the way people are watching TV shows, not everyone is sitting down and watching at the same time, so trying to pinpoint the right time to drop a mix like that can be wooly, but this just worked.Then all of a sudden a stranger calls making these weird remarks. Jill is freaked out when she finds out that the call is coming from inside the house! Remake of the 1979 semi-classic horror film basically takes the opening 20 minutes of the original film and stretches it out to fit an 87 minute time span!Jill runs in a hurry trying to get the children and leave. So it's pretty needless to say that the plot of this remake is pretty thin.It all gets repetitious and routine after the first 30 minutes and never manages to muster up much in the way of suspense or chills.It certainly never reaches the intensity of the original film, especially since it wimps-out and changes one important plot point from the original.

There's little in the way of originality or interest in this movie.There's a lot of Camilla Belle wondering around a dark house wondering who's calling her and encountering all kinds of false scares.