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15-Jun-2015 00:37

at The Clocktower, celebrating a makeover of a deserving wife from Boston whose husband is an active member of the US Coast Guard. I just don’t have the time to dedicate to less than 200 contacts a day. I don’t like posting “just another gallery” of a live show in here.Concert photography has become so ubiquitous to the surreal point that it becomes a news when it is not anymore in the news.These months I photographed many good gigs and some of the photos have not seen the light of the day, the best always go to my ever growing live music gallery on my website, if you’re interested.I am sorry for the ones who have been waiting, the many still subscribed, the people who write to me to ask more photo tips and put on more bands’ photos. When liveon35mm started, I was shooting on film, there was no Facebook, Myspace was the next big thing and blogs were the best way to interact on the virtual world. Nowadays we spend more time on FB than anywhere else online, Facebook has become the Internet and the Internet is what is being linked onto Facebook (or Twitter). I didn’t do it in 2007, when music photography blogs were a handful, I don’t feel like starting today where there are at least 3 online galleries for any concert happening anywhere in the world.

Rarely I have the will and the time to write about a gig again. I love all the crazy guys that went around the stoner age. meanwhile is going to play London and touring Europe, including my hometown in Rome.I posted with and without clothes in most of his bands Yesterday he came to Cambridge to play a date of his solo Death Acoustic tour 2015. What I know is that he’s a super cool guy and on stage and, in a tiny place as the Portland Arms, it can only be fun. 5 minutes and 1 second Cambridge is submerged by the most violent storm I ever seen here. If you’re around and up for a fun night out, this is the gig you’ve been waiting for a while.