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But the surprising part relates to the type of varied pottery utensils that the residents had access to, in spite of their presumed lack of sophistication.In addition the researcher excavated a wealth of smaller objects, including textiles, cups, bowls and jars – some with even uneaten meal still left inside them.In any case, the archaeologists are looking forth to uncovering more artifacts and ruins that may help them to solve the mystery while also aiding them to reconstruct a ‘glimpse’ into the fascinating dynamic world of our ancestors.But the ‘piece de resistance’ of the finds arguably relates to a collection of intricate glass beads that were a part of an opulently designed necklace.Such levels of exquisite craftsmanship are not generally equated with the Bronze Age artisans of Britain.Paradoxically this very accident has preserved the sunken settlement with years of overlaying silt and clay.

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Interestingly, much like the , the settlement was originally built on stilts arranged upon a water body – which in this case was a river.

But unfortunately for the ancient residents, a fire destroyed the town, resulting in collapsing of the houses into the water.

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