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17-Dec-2014 05:09

The demand for webcam child sex tourism originates from Western countries.At any given moment, there are 750,000 pedophiles online while 93 percent of all 5 to 15 year-old children use the Internet.The chances of a child being solicited for sex are high and child sex tourism is on the rise. Also known as webcam child sex tourism, this is a new and very popular virtual crime.Interpol now has all the information of each of these predators.Although most children displayed on the webcams are from poorer countries, there is still a need to protect your home computer.However, Terre des Hommes, a Dutch children’s charity group, created a young, virtual Filipino girl named “Sweetie” to go undercover into suspect chat rooms.As soon as Sweetie identified herself as a young girl from the Philippines, men swarmed her with chat requests.

While Terre des Hommes acted as Sweetie, they gathered pieces of information from the men and identified them using Google, Facebook, and other sources.

Until recently, only six men had been convicted of webcam child sex tourism; however, in just ten weeks, Sweetie was able to identify 1,000 predators.