Can carbon dating be used on stone

16-Nov-2015 17:27

Imagine someone comparing it with a utensil being ordinarily used today having no artwork, with both items being made of the same material.They would assume that today's utensil is older than the one from 1000 years ago, on the basis of handiwork.2000 years later a team of archaeologists uncover this place.The only organic material they find is the remains of the curator.They date it, and from that, peg all the stone sculptures found in the museum at 2000 years old.But the items were actually much older than even the orator. Inspecting the handiwork on the sculpture itself is subjective to assumptions about possession of skills at different time periods. Take present day example : Utensils from 1000 years ago in a museum can have exquisite artwork, embellishment, detailing.

This is what I've read in an article (won't share it here out of fear of attracting several downvotes just for posting a link of that kind) that raises some questions: Carbon dating is carried out on organic matter found around, inside or near the stone object.

So is the part about the carbon dating of nearby organic material true?

Or does stone have its own ways of finding age of carving that is independent of nearby organic material? Firstly, no one would assume that a simplistic design must necessarily predate an elaborate one.

Based on that organic material's dating, the date around which the item was carved, is estimated.

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The problem with this approach: Suppose a museum in present day has several stone monuments from varying dates.

In practice, we would study at the design itself, and try to ascertain whether it resembles trends that are known to be fashionable in a particular period.

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