Canada dating lavalife relationship

04-Aug-2015 08:49

After I read more about the program I couldn't think of any reason NOT to sign up, so I did.When I questioned my children, they admitted that they got the membership for me because they were tired of hearing my complaints about my loneliness, spending too much time at home, etc.I didn't realize that my complaints were bothering them so much -- I was just venting.I've tried five different online dating sites over the last three years so when I saw the Lifemates Canada Channel on You Tube, the first thing that I did was to check out the Lifemates reviews and Lifemates complaints.

At age 66 I was appalled when my children signed me up for Lifemates Canada.When my husband passed away I had no intention of ever marrying again so I was quite upset when they told me they were signing me up for a Lifemates membership!