Canada post tracking info not updating

24-Jan-2015 02:21

I might not call several times a day to watch the progress of my new toy, but I certainly keep a tab open on my web browser for that purpose… Most courier services offer online tracking to reduce the load on their call centers, but it also adds value.But today I noticed something on Canada Post’s tracking page: It’s not that this information is a surprise. My read of this paragraph is that so many people think that the website must be wrong — because there’s so little tracking information — that they call the call center and cause extra load and cost to Canada Post … The tracking site seems to display when someone paid for their postage (the package ID is in the system) and then often there are no updates until it is delivered.While at some level, I hope the organization has a slightly better idea of the location of its packages than is displayed on its website, it’s also fairly plain that anything you let your outsourced callcenter look at is easily enough put on the web. enough so that they feel that they need to say this on their tracking page. My last package was stuffed into my mailbox for most of a day before any change in its status on the online tracking system.

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The problem is that the package was exactly the size of the slot — which is a few millimeters larger than the individual door.

I had to cut the package out of the box with my Swiss Army Cyberknife.

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