Canadians dating americans

02-Feb-2016 04:50

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's trend piece about New York women seeking, as you put it, "natural commitment-phile" European men. Like you, my friends who are paired off but not married are not waiting for the guy to pop the question. I want to emphasize something about the difference between the state of affairs for women in America and in the rest of the civilized world.

The competitiveness people bring to "dating" and "closing the deal" here is underpinned by intense economic competition and the desire-increasingly, the necessity-for basic social and physical security.

There is a secret amongst the Canadian and European women living in the Big Apple.

(Our dating lives are fine and always have been.) When we talk about dating or the possibility of having family, with a man or on our own or with-gasp! ), the conversation is framed entirely by the fact that we can count on our native countries to look after us should we-for whatever reason-not be able to make ends meet stateside.

Now, we should be able to secure decent futures for ourselves, with or without male partners: We have Ivy League degrees, speak multiple languages, are savvy and entrepreneurial. benefits-free day care, health care, and tax benefits even for unmarried couples-that makes the possibility of contented I'm always baffled that women here don't demand the same benefits on which we Canadian and European women rely. The calculus of long-term committment is just different when your country guarantees the basic necessities of an advanced civilization.

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