Cancer male cancer female compatibility dating Nudist men only

08-Jun-2016 17:30

Barring really difficult individual horoscopes, it would be easy to say that Cancer people are made for each other.Both of you are sensitive, and especially emotionally.It also gives other sensitivities; you can be touchy on the one hand, and somewhat psychic on the other.Both are Cardinal - The Cardinal quality represents leadership and motivation; this is why neither of you are adverse to working for what you get, or to being proud of what you have.This is why astrologers say that Cancer couples are one of the best sign-on-sign matches in the Zodiac.Both are Water - Both of you are part of the same elemental triad, making you equally, and strongly emotional.Both of you like good food, extra income and are sensitively emotional; a Cancer Man never has a problem with a Cancer Woman's desire for her own career.Basically the only thing that can go wrong in this pairing is if one member of the couple doesn't want to have children; if one can't they'll adopt.

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You and your Cancer Man tend to be moody, but your moods shift regularly, so it's not hard to synch them up.

Don't be surprised if you see him shed a tear over a movie, or put his hand on his heart when you see the puppy in the window.