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24-Sep-2016 00:20

Ocean temperatures were previously measured by ships, but now thousands of sophisticated diving buoys do the work with high precision.

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In this chapter we'll have a close look at available thermometers and how they differ.To exclude rain and unwanted radiation, thermometers are placed in a standard Stevenson Screen, found all over the world.Measuring temperature should be a most simple scientific exercise, which a primary school student could do to full satisfaction.It is therefore a surprise that it becomes a major problem to do right, in such a way that temperatures all over the world can be compared, and stored in a database.

The whole fear for greenhouse global warming is based on actual temperature measurements all over the world, because these would confirm whether computer model projections are right.Not just today's record is important, but also that of historic times, to show that temperatures began to rise critically with the combustion of fossil fuels.