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Fletcher hopes that story will have a positive impact and that viewers "will just be less judgemental about what people are wearing." He went to mention that Dylan has "nobody to talk to about" his cross dressing.The "Nightingales" include Mac's children, Nathan, Ellie and Alfie; Mac's fiancée Neeta Kaur; and Nathan's fiancée, Rachel Hardy. In an interview with Digital Spy, Fletcher discussed Dylan's cross dressing storyline, stating how "a lack of a mother figure in his life at the moment" is behind his decision to crossdress.October also saw the arrival of new transgender Hollyoaks High headteacher, Sally St. In November, Diego Salvador Hernandez Martinez De La Cruz, Myra Mc Queen's toyboy lover, arrived in Hollyoaks, following her return to the village. Of Trevor's reaction to Dylan's cross dressing fun, Fletcher said Trevor "blows up at him" and "Dylan is distraught over Trevor's reaction.April saw the arrivals of Reenie Mc Queen, mother of Porsche, Celine and Cleo and younger half-sister of Myra; brothers Aiden and Kyle Bigsby; Scott Drinkwell, cousin of Sinead O'Connor and nephew of Diane O'Connor; and the younger sister of Lindsey and Kim Butterfield, Kath.Cindy Cunningham's secret husband, Mac Nightingale and Jason Roscoe's police mentor, Ben Bradley began appearing from May.

All characters were introduced by executive producer, Bryan Kirkwood.

The first character to be introduced was Dylan Jenkins - the estranged son of established character Trevor Royle, who made his first appearance in early January.

September saw the introductions of new villainess Ashley Davidson, Derek Clough - the abusive ex-partner of Nana Mc Queen and father of Porsche after raping Reenie, Jade Albright, the sister of Sonia, and Joanne Cardsley, Louis' former mistress and Simone's former co-worker.

October saw Ben's ex-wife, Sadie Bradley introduced and also saw Mac's family introduced as they take over the village pub The Dog in the Pond.

Shortly following, in late January, was the younger sister of Porsche and Celine Mc Queen, Cleo.In February, the "Lovedays", a small new family, were introduced, with Simone Loveday appearing first, followed by the rest of her family - son Zack and husband Louis.