Caroline wozniacki del potro dating

16-Apr-2015 23:53

I have come up with this life philosophy that I call the “How would you explain that to the 12-year-old version of yourself? It works like this: Whenever a cool opportunity comes along, and I feel too lazy, too tired, too cranky, too old or too curmudgeonly to take advantage, I ask myself that question: How would you explain that to the 12-year-old version of yourself? The point is that Djokovic’s greatness is complex and somewhat mysterious, which makes him so much fun to watch. I play tennis as much as I can, and I watch an excessive amount of tennis, and so here’s the point – no matter how hungry or tired I felt, I just could not justify passing up the opportunity to watch Novak Djokovic play. Djoker moves as well as anybody and he has enough touch to be magical around the net. The one thing that Djokovic does better than anybody in the world, without question, is return serve, but even this is a somewhat intangible gift, a combination of reflex and focus and anticipation that is hard to describe. ” There is nothing subtle about Del Potro (who is 6-foot-6) and there’s nothing perplexing about him. ” There was no explanation good enough for missing out on the chance to watch Djokovic play – especially because he was playing the delightful and intermittently brilliant Argentine Juan Martin Del Potro. And that was before I even knew that Del Potro had been stuck in an elevator for 40 minutes and had to be saved by Argentina’s handball team. Del Potro’s grandeur is not hard at all to explain. And he has a forehand that is, in the words of my new pal and You Tube star Flula Borg, “holy smoketones! I’m terrible at tennis, of course, but the good news is that most tennis enthusiasts my age are about as terrible, and so it works out. He’s my favorite because he wins through will and guile and the completeness of his game. He has a superb forehand, an even better backhand, but others have more dominating strokes (Stan Wawrinka’s backhand, for instance, is one of the world’s wonders).Unfortunately for him – and for tennis fans – he has rarely been healthy.

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On Sunday, he played like the best player in the world. Nobody in the world is better at playing defense – he runs down seemingly everything. It was mesmerizing to see Djokovic try to keep the ball on Del Potro’s backhand. But he hit with such spin and power that Djoker couldn’t handle it.It was obvious more or less from the start that Del Potro was on. I’ve been lucky enough to watch some of the greatest players in history live. They would exchange, five, six, seven, eight backhands with Djokovic so careful to avoid the Delpo forehand And then finally Djoker would hit a shot just a little bit off, just a little bit too far from the corner and Del Potro would run around his backhand and BLAMMO! At that point, Djokovic stopped and made a series of frustrated motions which could be clearly translated to mean: “Topspin, slice, it doesn’t matter, this guy never misses.” “Those are some serious bombs coming from @delpotrojuan’s forehand,” Caroline Wozniacki tweeted.

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