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24-May-2015 13:39

Portraits by Alex Hainer Rising NYC-based photographer and film-maker Alex Hainer is a master of mood.

Each of her dreamy images tell a story and entrance you in the natural beauty of her subjects.

Cannabis has long now been controversial, but the benefits, especially with (natural) pain relief are unmatched. I like a bong and joint as much as the next pro-weed person, but sometimes it’s just not possible for me to function in some tasks with the head high smoking gives me.

Edibles relieves my physical pain, and I’m still able to function/work. The Urban For a long time now I’ve suffered from chronic back pain, the remnants of a few old injuries.

The constant stress that pharmaceutical painkillers had on my body and mind was too much for me to continue using them, so I’ve just learned to live with the discomfort.

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Basically, I don’t have to worry about my diet/health when I’m munching on them.

These treats are fun, they’re amazing gifts, spike your creative mind - and relieve pain!!!

is a Canadian actress, singer and songwriter, best known for portraying Manny Santos on Degrassi: The Next Generation and Abby Vargas on The L. Steele began crafting her own songs to go with her poetry when she was in the first grade, she then began taking singing lessons.

Steele is of British descent on her father's side and Filipino descent on her mother's side.

She attended London School of Dance in Scarborough, Ontario and trained in ballet and jazz dance.Cassie was also a gymnast for an unspecified amount of time.