Catholic celibate dating

02-Nov-2015 16:13

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How badly she misunderstands gay people, and how hostile she is towards us. said when I told him recently about my homosexuality, “I guess if it wasn’t that, it would have been something else.” Meaning that nobody lives without a burden of one kind or another.

My gut reaction to such things is: ) I’ve always gotten one of two responses: either compassion, encouragement, and admiration, because the celibate life is difficult and profoundly counter-cultural; or nothing at all, not even a ripple, as if I had confessed eating too much on Thanksgiving. As Rabbi Abraham Heschel said: “The man who has not suffered, what can he possibly know, anyway?

When it comes down to it, this issue isn’t going to be solved in political debates. So rather than getting into a lesson on Catholic moral teaching (though feel free to contact me if you want me to cover that later), or talking about homosexuality in the abstract (creating hypothetical people and hypothetical situations), I thought I’d refer you to an article written by someone who understands the Church’s teaching on homosexuality far better than I do, because as a Catholic who happens to be gay, he is choosing to live it. I found the following post on the blog, Little Catholic Bubble.

Apparently, though, he recently went public with his own blog, as well.] I have heard a lot about how mean the Church is, and how bigoted, because she opposes gay marriage.

What do Catholics believe about Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory?Maybe that’s because it makes others uncomfortable, or maybe because often we don’t truly understand it ourselves.The fact is that I can sit here all day and tell you that my stance against same-sex marriage is not born out of hatred, bigotry, or ignorance, but the majority of people would probably not believe me.Of the two responses, my ego prefers the first — who doesn’t like thinking of themselves as some kind of hero? Being gay doesn’t mean I’m special or extraordinary. ” This entry was posted in Church Teaching, Culture, Dating & Relationships, Vocation and tagged chastity, controversy, guest posts, homosexuality, living it out, politics, rules.

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It’s something we as Catholics shy away from talking about.