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Linguistics, something I failed miserably in university, is another. Being Catholic, a serious Catholic who loves the faith and seeks to become a better person via prayer, the sacraments and the life of grace means that there is a truckload of stuff that you can do and some that you can’t.So, in this life the degree to which we expose ourselves to truth, beauty and goodness will strongly impact our relationship with God and our ability to experience him in daily life.You contemplate beauty you get closer to God…you watch Game of Thrones you get the opposite.Game of Thrones strikes out on all three transcendentals.

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Game of Thrones is not beautiful and it ain’t got the market cornered on goodness either! Paul was getting at when he said in Philippian’s 4 V. Paul and Nietzsche so closely but good old Friedrich Nietzsche, that happy camper that helped provide the philosophical basis for the holocaust and topped Hitler’s ‘Must Read’ list, made the point. Pope Francis does it at least once per week and he mentions evil by name. Daniel went to Babylon but kept himself faithful to God by refusing to join in the headlong descent into hedonism that surrounded him. It’s time to take the culture back with a reenergised evangelical Catholic culture that has amongst its foundations a love of beauty in art and entertainment.

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