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19-Nov-2014 02:49

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(See larger version here.) When I asked why, she told me that she didn't want her name tied to this and that I'm an idiot.Still, it was all totally worth it just to see the look on the guy's face as he notarized my sex contract.What is there to learn about signing a sex contract that allows both parties to have a sweaty romp with an accomplished recording artist and actress, respectively? about signing your contract, but I wouldn't venture into that territory unless you were positive they wouldn’t freak out.Well, I know there's some kind of overarching lesson about communication here, but I don't know what it is. In conclusion, communication is important and -- Alison Brie -- I’m coming for you.Aside from that little detail, there were no further changes to be made and we were both extremely happy about the turnout of our legally binding contract.

Look, I’m aware that I function on a plane of existence that's in a hazy purgatory between fantasy and reality. I've never written a contract before, let alone a sex contract, but it's actually really easy!"I mean, consideration has a pretty broad definition," continues my lawyer, "so it can be a monetary consideration, [or] it can just be a promise not to do something, or a promise not to take some sort of action or a promise to take some sort of action." "Like breaking up? The fact is, any Tom, Dick, or Harry can write up a contract just as long as all the terms are laid out and both parties sign.

So the obvious “be good looking” aside, there are a few hacks that give you a better chance of being swiped right. You should provide photographic evidence that you have friends.… continue reading »

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We should date for fun, friendship, personality development and selection of a mate, not to be popular or for security.… continue reading »

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Just turn on your webcam - and get the heap of positive emotions and good mood right now! Sign up now and join the ranks of those already enjoys spending time on You can do without one too: just imagine – they can’t see you spying on them. … continue reading »

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