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24-Feb-2016 06:59

The twist was funny, but mostly it just made sense, because the waitress is such a tragic figure at this point, how could she land such a handsome man?

The second set-up had Mac and Dennis trying to set Charlie up on a date to distract him from finding out about the impending nuptials.

Sunny dug deep for the return of the waitress this week and produced levels of gross chaos that trumped anything else they’ve done this year.

When I say gross, I mean gross, like a kid in grade school would say. The whole recurring ensemble was out in force: Mac’s mom, oozing smoke out of every orifice; Charlie’s mom, who had some narcoleptic-like affliction I didn’t understand; Artemis, plumbing new depths by eating iceberg lettuce out of Frank’s mouth; and of course the poor, sad waitress.

Dee’s antics are par for the course so it’s all about the details, like Artemis requesting bacon bits for her and Frank’s next tryst. Dee also looked particularly demented tonight: it comes naturally to Kaitlin Olsen, who’s got weird, piercing eyes and an angular face, but she really looked like a vampire bat tonight.In one, Dee throws a bachelorette party for the waitress, who’s marrying a high school ex that she dumped because of his acne-face, which meant he would grow up looking like Edward James Olmos (of course, he’s model-handsome now). The party is engineered only to break up the engagement; Dee can’t stand that the waitress is marrying before her.Funnily enough, it turns out the waitress went to high school with the gang too. So the waitress and her fiancée are subjected to Mac and Charlie’s mothers and Frank and Artemis, who apparently are in an open, sexual relationship based around a food fetish.The thing’s so damn depressing, even Frank has to leave early, and this is a man who goes to some creepy events – remember his Eyes Wide Shut party?

“We’ll go get sweaty in a Wendy’s bathroom,” he suggests to Artemis.This focused a lot of attention on Charlie and his foibles, always my favorite aspect of Sunny.

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