Chaste dating

21-Aug-2015 10:12

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In courtship, the two persons decide to commit to continue to date each other for the purpose of discerning whether God has called them into holy matrimony with each other.

During this process the couple moves beyond just enjoying social activities together to spending time alone, engaging in quality conversations about life goals, parenting philosophy, personal beliefs and values, experiences that have formed them, meeting each other’s parents and siblings (here the male may ask the permission of the girl’s father to court his daughter), and etcetera.

Courtship helps to answer the question that everyone who dates for a significant amount of time eventually asks, ‘What are we doing?

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In this modern culture and age of dating solely for the purposes finding someone to ‘hook-up’ with on a regular basis, the idea of courtship, let alone chaste courtship, is an odd if not completely unknown concept.

Therefore, it would best serve the purposes of this article if I begin it by drawing the bright contrasts between hooking up, dating, courtship, and chaste courtship.