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Finally the moment has arrived For me to take my rightful prize Oh, the wedding we won't make She'll end up marrying a fake Gleaming Shield will be Mine, all mine! Its just that sparkle is to harsh a tone for the song, when you singing the high notes,and I really dont like puns based of the real mlp, I think it needs to stand on its own.

This day was going to be perfect The kind of day of which I dreamed since I was small But instead of having cake With all my friends it would be great My wedding bells they may not ring for me at all.

I could care less about this mess (Flourishes cape)I won't partake in any cake Vows, well I will be lying when I say That through any kind of weather I'll want us to be together The truth is I couldn't love at all No I do not love the bride For my heart is dead inside But mark my words she'll be all mine We must escape before its too late Find a way to leave this cave Its true, I'd be lying if I say I don't fear that I may lose her To one who wants to use her Not care for love and cherish her each day For I oh-so love the bride Oh in my heart she does preside Oh Gleaming Shield, I'll be there very soon.

As always MLP: FIM is owned by Hasbro, all rights reserved. (Look away)(Bolero and Dusk Shine sneak away)(Back at the plot)Evil Bolero: Huh. The reson why i just had Dusk Shine and Bolero beat up the groomsmen is because i couldn't think of a good substitute for the bouquet toss at the time. Men tend to put a lot less entusiasm into the garter toss, it's more just to be fun.

My own personal suggestion, feel free to ignore it. Evil Bolero: But how did you escape the groomsmen.(Back in the cave...)Groomsmen: (approaching)Good Bolero: Umm... Of course this joke still works for Elusive because he is such a romantic guy.2.

This is because a sexist man is every womans worst fear in a husband.

Also, it's make the real Bolero look more like a true gentleman, in how he admire Sparkling Shield's strength.

I think that making him say I care not about her dress is kind of lazy, its just doesnt fit, and is kind of a cop out.

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Solaris' error: I didn't like how in the real episode, Princess Celestia refered to the newly wed couple as 'mare and cole'.

So to be funny, I had Solaris make the same mistake in reverse by calling them 'stallion and filly'.