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For route descriptions, timetables, menus, and reservations, check Something like airlines, Amtrak offers two classes – coach and “accommodations” – the latter really “first class” by another name. Sleeping in a coach seat is a great argument for strong opiates – it ain’t easy.Ideally, you’ll want to take an overnight trip, preferably start to finish.

Trains remain good places to meet, game, and bang women – if it worked for Wendell (and for me), it can work for you.The Business End of Amtrak By trains, I mean long distance Amtrak routes, particularly in the Western part of the country.While the press generally let both candidates keep their private lives private, a Trotskyite female writer took a backdoor approach to scandal against the Republican candidate and published a widely read short story about a handsome businessman meeting and “seducing” a young woman on a train.“The Man in the Brooks Brothers Shirt” was generally taken to be Willkie.

In accommodations, you pay for a ticket for carriage at the same price as coach but buy your room as a separate, additional charge that includes your meals in the dining car.

But they don’t offer a room for one – their smallest is a roomette with two beds. They have three market niches pretty much to themselves – the obese who are too broad for airline seats, the neurotic who are afraid of flying, and the geriatrics who are too weak to travel any other way (using the special handicapped bedrooms.) None of these groups are of much interest.