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The Algerian security services are efficient, and tend to have an appropriate regard for suspects’ rights.

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Had they been really helpful and desirous of helping Britain the Algerians might have arranged to have had the Prime Minister kidnapped. Con Coughlin suggests in today’s that lives would have been saved had the Algerians allowed the SAS to mount the raid. The raid would have been betrayed by GO2 (DVD’s London operation) assets in the Cabinet Office. There are also serious questions about their resources.The Cabinet Office and the Treasury have been waging war on our Special Forces, and they have been seriously weakened by cuts and legal guerrilla warfare, such as the crazy prosecution of Sgt. Setting up an ambush would have suited the GO2 boys in the Cabinet Office quite nicely.A convoy of Toyota Landcruisers and ‘mechanicals’ moving at speed across the desert would stand out more than a sensible minister in the Coalition Government.This would apply even more after the sun went down – the Saharan desert gets pretty cold at night. The thermal images created by the engines would have stood out very nicely against the cold desert.

Al Qaeda don’t have any people at GCHQ, or at Fort Meade, for that matter.Chaps with beards, clutching Korans and AK-47’s, muttering tend not to get past the first interview, even with GCHQ’s diversity policy.

After this, Penn State requested a new name for its on-campus post office in the HUB-Robeson Center from the U. State College has a humid continental climate (Köppen Dfa).… continue reading »

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The threat here is clear: it’s the pain of heartbreak.… continue reading »

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Silence: Mary-Kate Olsen has refused to answer questions about Heath Ledger's death from an accidental drug overdose in January Mary-Kate Olsen had previously insisted she has 'nothing to do whatsoever' with the drugs found in Heath Ledger's body or his home following his death.… continue reading »

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But this isn’t just a whole list of single people who live within a radius of your home.… continue reading »

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