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She was standing on the balcony watching him ride away.Nobody remembered her, but Reischl said he vowed, “I will never officially stop looking.” In September, a 64-year-old woman sitting by her bedridden husband in the village of My Luong in Vietnam’s Mekong Delta picked up her i Pad and clicked on a news site.She idly opened a locally written article about kids abandoned during the war.Scrolling down, she was shocked to see a photo of her younger self, in the arms of a khaki-clad soldier — Reischl.Her given name meant “First Tear,” Hanh said, “because I was alone and didn’t have any family with me at the time.” Hanh, then just 19, let a friend take the child to an orphanage, thinking she would still be able to visit her. again,” Reischl said when he opened the door and saw the petite Hanh, her hair still parted on the same side as he remembered it. The white-haired Air Force veteran put his arm on her chair as if to comfort her — close, but not too close. On the other side stood the woman he’d left behind when he shipped out of Saigon in July 1970.After his year-long tour, he went back to Minnesota, became a government cartographer, married twice, had a son and suffered Agent Orange-related health problems. These photos of Reischl and Hanh were taken in the fall of 1969.“The moment I saw it, I knew,” the woman, Nguyen Thi Hanh, recalled.

Alone in a hotel room in a small Vietnamese town, Jim Reischl waited restlessly. The young bar hostess who’d told him she was pregnant. I just would like to talk with the wonderful lady I knew in 19.” Last spring, in a trip chronicled by as part of a project about Amerasian children left in Vietnam, Reischl went back to visit the -a-month apartment where the couple had spent lazy days making love, watching a black-and-white TV and listening to Beatles and Blind Faith records.

Recounting the story later, the Vietnam veteran said he had traveled 8,500 miles, with an arthritic knee, for this long-sought reunion. He hadn’t believed her, but he’d also never stopped thinking about her. Reischl, 68, came to Vietnam as a 21-year-old Air Force sergeant and was stationed at Tan Son Nhut Air Base outside Saigon, now Ho Chi Minh City. He still remembers the day she told him she was pregnant.