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21-Sep-2015 23:41

Don’t click Send Collect and don’t get scared away from your chat by this.You also don’t need to buy credits (although may want to for other reasons).Posted by Michelle | Filed under Advice We all know what “cheat” usually means at Ashley Madison.In this post I’ll give the word a new meaning borrowed from video games and show those who’re using the affairs site a few “secret” tricks that you may not have known yet. Sometimes, when you receive IM chat messages and you try to respond, you see an error like this one.That alone may not be so exciting, although it’s an easy way to confirm Ashley Madison’s membership claims.It gets more interesting when you check another user’s ID number.I ranted earlier about how it clutters up search results, but there actually is one useful bit to it.Ashley Madison now removed the number from profile pages (maybe they read my review?

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:-)), so to find it, you need to hover your mouse over one of the links under the picture and then look at the link target on the bottom of your browser, like so: Since all users are numbered sequentially, you can now roughly tell when that guy signed up!

Just check what date range his user ID falls into: That gives you an idea if he’s been around the block a few times or if he’s really “just trying out the site” as he may be claiming.