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Smile because it happened."..............."Be who you are and say what you mean, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind."~Theodor "Seuss" Geisel Anxiety Problems (America x Male! You made eye contact with the guys and girls around you, obviously begging for backup-protection in case Belarus killed you. But she loved the angel but before she had the chance to spill her heart out to him, he was taken away from her with one swift cut of an angelic blade and left to Bittersweet Duet (Gakupo x Reader)The crickets chirping quietly in the bushes set you on edge.For best endings: Try to go on at least 5 dates, to the kiss scene. The easiest way to ensure this is to spend the first 7 or so days saving up about 5000$ between games and mushrooms (I prefer games, if your good at matching it's an average of 100$ a game) Buy one of each gift for your partner (which should leave you with half remaining), and befriend them over the next 5 days. Just in time for all the people who came to Coney Island and their sandy beaches.Once you can give gifts, give them all the gifts, then (depending on money remaining) work for more money to buy the cheapest item about 4 times, then go on 4 dates giving them once each time. Make sure you reach the end of dialogue to where you no longer can choose what to say, and have about 1000 experience. I thought my mind was playing a cruel trick on me, if I got too close to you would you disappear? " The American screamed as he broke the (f/c) door off it's hinges (yes he's that reckless), and scaring the uke senseless that he hid his face under a few throw pillows. Though you hate to admit it, you’ve never particularly liked the dark. Rin died by cracking his skull open because he runned by the pool and slipped.

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Meanwhile, I'll have fun making up the rest of the story of Soffies and Gage's best end. 1) why can't you make Gage and Cero date each other?! Once I got out of the traffic jam, I hightailed it down the path you had taken. Does all characters have their own best end and neutral end? If there's a third game, I'll certain play that too! Alfred smiled cheekily and sat down on the couch next to (Y/n) and scooting closer to his small form, making him blush Newfound love Belarus XReader The hat set in the middle of the table. You were a bit anxious."Well, are you going to draw it? That creepy aura swirling around her, she continued to look at you until you read the name. Or maybe that was my sappy emotions overjoyed at the possibility of this girl I'm chasing actually being you.