Checksum mismatch while updating eclipse

23-Jan-2015 04:34

After upgrading to 1.42 of the plugin, using the "Emulate clean checkout by first deleting unversioned/ignored files, then 'svn update'" svn strategy intermittently results in errors that look like the following: ERROR: Failed to update svn://.svn-base'; expected: '151afc3b6d79443cc57fd52080d5f4d7', actual: '97acf6bf0db0d86168866633488b1a93' at org.core.SVNError Manager.error(SVNError at org.core. SVNError Manager.error(SVNError at org.core.svn. SVNEdit Mode Editor(SVNEdit Mode at org.core.svn.However, I notice the installed plugins section now says I have 1.34 installed, which is a little confusing.In searching this issue, I noticed a similar issue on the Jet Brains site which they say is fixed with svnkit 1.7.5-v1.Subversion SCM$Check Out Task.perform(Subversion at

checksum mismatch while updating eclipse-15

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See here: Based on the GIT site,, I believe the 1.7.6 version of svnkit has been merged in October (and 1.7.5-v1 in July).In my Jenkins plugin Manager I only see Subversion Plugin 1.45 offered.

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