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25-Jun-2015 12:21

I saw guys I had cheered for — guys I considered friends — and I wondered what they thought about me playing alongside them.My school is small, so there aren't tryouts — you just sign up for the team.But I still had to officially sign up in front of the whole crowd, with all eyes on me. Instead, they looked at me like I was pulling a joke on them, but they finally took my papers and told me to show up for training camp the week before school. Tumbles to Tackles Making the team might have been easy, but earning my spot among the guys was harder.I could feel the tension in the room, and as I walked up to hand in my forms, I almost felt like I was doing something wrong. I changed alone in the girls' locker room, and I wasn't allowed in with the guys until everyone was dressed.I loved being on the squad, from the girly parts like curling each other's hair for competitions to trying new stunts at practice.But I also loved watching the football games as we cheered — sometimes I was more focused on the plays than our routines!

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A Long Shot I grew up tossing a football and going to games with my dad.

But the fact that they talked about me in whispers made me feel like they were talking trash.