Chelsea handler confirms she is dating dave salmoni

22-Nov-2014 13:53

André Balazs who was Chelsea Handler’s boyfriend, is a successful hotelier with seven hotels.For example, he owns a luxurious Chateau Marmont in Hollywood and The Mercer Hotel in New York.This couple broke up and got back together quite a few times.They tried to find a way how to make their relationship last but now it seems that they split for good.As great and strong as this guy is it was apparently not enough to make their relationship work.Ted Harbert, ex boyfriend of Chelsea Handler, spend 20 years in NBC and became the president of NBC Entertainment.Check out also boyfriend lists of Yvonne Strahovski, Kate Upton, and Jennifer Aniston.

In the last year of his studies he already worked with dangerous animals in order to solve a problem with bears in nearby Canadian Communities.

Then, he got a job in the Bowmanville Zoological Park near Toronto.

He was born in Hungary and has degrees in business and journalism from Columbian University. After dating Chelsea for four months they were seen very happy together in the Boom Boom in NYC.

They were celebrated the launch of her fourth book “Lies That Chelsea Handler Told Me” there.

Later he managed to help two Bengal Tigers adapt to a new life in wilderness.This project was broadcasting on TV and he became well known.