Chengdu online dating

23-Jul-2015 22:04

The report said that they must be dating in their homes because they cannot go out and the actress must be cooking for him.She pampers him with food and he needs to monitor that he gains no extra weight.They played two people caught in a war torn place who eventually fell in love.Song Joong Ki is also required to maintain a slimmer body for his role in “Battleship Island.” He revealed that his role requires him to look thinner.He will play the role of Park Mu-Young in the true-to-life story that will tackle a bit about Korean history.Song Joong Ki is quite inspired to look good these days.

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Meanwhile, they are now preparing to go to Chengdu, Sichuan for the scheduled fan meeting.Song Hye Kyo will be “The Werewolf Boy” actor’s special guest.Will the two actors reveal if they have made negotiations for “Descendants of the Sun 2?” There have been clamors from fans for a repeat of the beautiful love story in the first show.

Fans are hoping that they will finally admit their relationship during the meeting.

They believe they have something to reveal to them.