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Make sure to follow IMDb on Facebook and send your questions here.In a desperate attempt to inspire passion into brilliant Tomas's technically gifted final class of five, she strikes a deal: free use of the splendid accommodation in exchange for Tomas's five incorporation into the street-dance team Jay-0-2, which is training for the national final in a few weeks and just lost its founding leader, so challenging reigning champions The Surge looks hopeless under Jay's unpractical lover, Carly.Perfect gentleman Tomas makes it all work better then anyone hoped and becomes Carly's new lover.I am not a big dance movie fan, but I have to admit this mix of the somewhat raw energy of streetdance and the controlled grace of ballet is enjoyable.

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Of course that is much easier in the animated movies, such as Avatar or How to train your dragon. But I guess as filmmakers are learning to adjusts to this, we might see more true 3D shots in the sequel.If you’re feeling curious, take a poll of your friends and ask them what U. In fact, most of the Movoto bloggers thought that New York City was, if not the most exciting, definitely one of the most exciting places to be in America.First and foremost the brilliant streetdance choreographies are what make the movie worth seeing.The story on the other hand is mostly very predictable and does not offer anything new.

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I always enjoy when objects or people seem to leave the screen and fly directly towards me.

In a movie where most of the time a lot of people are in motion, I would have expected more of that and think it could have been achieved easily by using more different camera positions.

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