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14-May-2016 19:56

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Caribbean Blue‘s speckled silver micro-glitter is what drew me in.

The color has a slightly dusty quality which keeps it from becoming garish. Blue Island Iced Tea will charm all of you Stroke of Midnight fans. In fact it was thinner in consistency than Blue Paradise yet just as pigmented.

Well, I don’t know HOW they did it but I can attest to not having a SINGLE dupe for any of these shades. On a cruise, a beach in Belize, a swim-up bar in Mexico, wherever. Bahamian Escape dries darker and more vibrant than the robin’s egg bottle color would suggest.

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It has the same micro-glitter packed jelly formula that made me fall in love with China Glaze in the first place. Blue Paradise falls somewhere between cornflower and denim on the blue scale. Calypso Blue is the only color that didn’t make me jump for joy. Though I give it credit in its application, pigmentation and glossy finish.

This unique deep sky blue has a foil-like finish depending on the lighting but it’s a bit sheer so you need an extra coat. Its metallic shimmer does equal brush strokes but if you’re careful they aren’t too problematic. And while I didn’t have a dead on dupe, it’s so dark that only true fanatics could tell.