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20-May-2015 16:10

Leaving Rachel Trueheart both brokenhearted and broke, Nick's controversial move proved that not everything in the Bachelor universe is totally contrived. From now until the end of the year, we'll be paying tribute to the hottest of the hot with bikini photos galore. Actually, who knows if that's even true, but it certainly benefited former Hooters waitress / Ben Flajnik castoff Blakeley Jones in her efforts.

Another partially exciting season of Bachelor Pad is in the books, and the finale of ABC's guilty pleasure smash certainly packed in something for everyone. Chris Bukowski's transformation into a ruthless player - in more ways than one - has been the biggest storyline of the current season of Bachelor Pad.

Erica still doesn't like Kalon, apparently Before we really get started, Chris takes the time to chat with a couple of the returning contestants (who'll vote on which couple to give the chance to win the money).

Mr Harrison's here, anyway, all suave and smooth, to tell us again that we're in for the "most shocking" and "most disturbing" season closer ever.

First, we have to welcome back all the former contestants (including several you may well have forgotten about - hence the wide difference in cheer level) and get to see some best bits from the last few weeks...

Before Nick Peterson shocked the world and screwed over Rachel Trueheart en route to 0,000, single father Tony found himself 0,000 lighter.

Nick Peterson absolutely stunned fans and co-stars alike with his decision to keep all the money for himself on the Bachelor Pad season finale last night. THG is counting down the 100 Hottest Bikini Bodies of 2012. The only network show where working at Hooters for 25 years can provide you with the kind of training you need to excel.

There's been a lot of positive responses from most people," he says.

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finale, with just Chris and Sarah and NIck and Rachel still in the game.

And considering everyone - from exec producer Mike Fleiss to host Chris Harrison - has been teasing that it's "disturbing", we should be in for a treat!