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17-Jan-2015 04:58

For his 13th album, Beyond the Sun, Isaak revisits the legendary Sun Records years in Fifties rock and roll, when maverick radio producer Sam Phillips set up shop in the then musical backwater of Memphis, Tennessee, hoping to capture the real blues sound he had heard growing up in the south.What happened instead, almost miraculously within the space of a year, was that the likes of Johnny Cash, Elvis, Roy Orbison, Carl Perkins and Jerry Lee Lewis stepped into his tiny makeshift studio for their first foray into music, laying down records that would become the foundation of rock and roll.

People would say, 'You want to be Elvis’ and I would say, 'No’.” He says that while many of his songs may have written in the same spirit as those earlier records, there was “never a reference to pink Cadillacs or goin’ to the bop’.They were about my life, not about nostalgia.” Isaak admits, though, that he has always been a man out of time.