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25-Aug-2016 16:50

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This week, he will return to Atlanta to lead worship at the 2014 Passion Conference in Atlanta (January 17-18).

He's committed to being a husband, father, and global worship leader, and is passionate about building the church across the globe.

Here's what Tomlin had to say about the importance of balance between marriage, family, and time on the road.

You've been married to your wife for three years now—what's been the best part of marriage for you two?

Have you found a balance between family life and touring on the road? My wife and daughter came on the road for a week last fall during my tour.

I love having them out, but it's hard for my wife, it's hard for me, and it's hard for my baby.

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My wife is really good at listening—she's taught me how to listen more and not try to talk so much.

Especially in prayer, just being in a state of listening and being quiet—that's really been something I've grown in marriage.

Like most people, time can just fly, and it's hard to pause and really listen.

My wife's really good at praying, listening, and teaching me to listen in prayer and ask God, In marriage, we're able to sharpen each other in that way.

My wife is also awesome because she's not into how all of my music produces out.

She's got a good little gait of music—I'll play something for her and she'll be like, "Eh, it's okay," or I'll play her something else and she goes, "Oh my gosh, I really love that." She loves hearing songs in their bare form on piano, and she's always been really good about saying, "People are going to love that." It's fun to have someone to bounce things off of like that.