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22-Nov-2014 00:52

As the Pentecostal Movement developed through the early 20th century the emphasis on divine healing was added to the mandate for speaking in tongues.This unbiblical emphasis on healing, coupled with the many charlatans which associated themselves with healing services, prompted B. Warfield to write his 1917 book Counterfeit Miracles.It is generally conceded that virtually every Pentecostal Movement worldwide can trace its origins directly to the Azusa Street revival.

Whereas the Pentecostal Movement was for the most part a separate movement outside the mainline denominations, the Second Wave or Charismatic Movement was very much a mainstreaming of Pentecostal theology.

Beginning in 1951, Demos Shakarian, a Southern California millionaire businessman, launched the Full Gospel Businessmen’s Fellowship Int’l, whose stated purpose was to spread the Pentecostal message of tongues and healing via nonsectarian luncheons and conferences.

On April 3, 1960 the Charismatic Movement went public when Father Dennis Bennett, an Episcopal priest announced to his Van Nuys, CA, congregation that he had personally spoken in tongues and that he believed that this was the pattern for the church.

Later in 1966 the Charismatic Movement penetrated the Roman Catholic Church where it was readily received by a laity and clergy opened, via Vatican II, to new ideas on church renewal.

The Charismatic Movement differs from old line Pentecostalism in several significant ways including a rejection of the necessity of speaking in tongues as a sign of the baptism of the Spirit.However tongues speaking does remain a very important element in most Charismatic circles.

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