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16-Sep-2016 12:08

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:angel: I"m able and willing to communicate and will also say I'm sorry when I've errored.

Friendship is very important to me; I don't and won't play head games. Hi I'm looking for someone that I could have fun ,talk,read bible, share funny stories, that has faith, and that learns something knew everyday of there life's, because that's how GOD wants it everything else follows, I need someone to love my inner beauty as well as the outside, and that makes me feel important.

I have been teaching Sunday School , all ages and grades in a beautiful little Methodist church since I was 18.

I am a women of I looking for the same kind of person. I honestly don't have time for the extra fluff and the dishonesty that sometimes goes with dating.I'd like to meet a real Christian man with real Christian values. I am able to communicate well because I was doing customer service type duties. I am not looking for someone to take care of me but someone to share the good as well as the bad. I am a deeply loving and caring person, who loves to laugh and talk about a variety of things. The type of work I did honed my interpersonal skills. My name is Hilary and I'm a 43, Single, White, Christian, Female, who is full-figured and very passionate about life.

I'm caring, kind, fun, fun to be with, honest, respected, respectful, loving, forgiving,and forgiven.I strive daily to treat others as I desire to be treated.