Christian women dating tips

30-Mar-2016 23:29

Here are five tips to help you navigate the dating world as a Christian: 1) Know what a date is. Exclusivity can never be assumed, no matter how great the date was or emotional connection is. Relationships are decided as a couple, not assumed by one party.Much like in a job hunting situation, dating is just the interview to see if there could be more. A date is suppose to be a fun, healthy, informative exchange.These boundaries allow for great experiences, while helping each party pace themselves mentally and emotionally.This is why sex should not be in the picture until marriage. Discover who they really are to determine if this is someone you want to continue dating. Each party needs to have a candid conversation about what their expectations are. This has to discussed and decided, not assumed, so that each party can know what to expect.

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Try activities like ziplining, go-carting, snorkeling, or painting.

Having fun things to do will help you to see if this is someone you are compatible with, without the interference of overwhelming romantic emotions that neither of you can be sure of, because you’re still in the dating phase. While no one should give ultimatums, everyone should have a standard.

Often, Christians are opposed to dating because they think dating and sex are the same.

It is possible to date without sex, as long as healthy boundaries are set.

The entire dating phase does not have to be about maintaining a feeling of euphoria. There are others who are offended that the person they are dating is dating someone else. Dates don’t have to be limited to restaurants and movies.

Go to a game, bowling alley, museum, gallery, or festival.