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Beyond bodily maladies, there are incalculable losses on a psychological and spiritual level as human beings live outside the protection of God’s design.And perhaps the most tragic fallout of this state of affairs is the bum rap sex has gotten.It was later revealed that he had multiple pseudonyms, including Rarity, Rylan Butterwood and Rylan Harbough.

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The blazing reality is that she emits about 5 million tons of energy per second, energy that is continuously absorbed and reemitted at lower and lower temperatures, lest the cruel queen of our solar system swallow us whole. Every erotic urge that pulses through us, body and soul—whether it be the delicate flower of puppy love or the florid blossom of sexual desire—brings life or death, depending on how successfully it is managed.In other words, the sun brings life instead of death to our planet simply because its raging heat (15.6 million kelvins at her core) is kept at a safe distance by a loving Creator. Our world is reeling from the effects of uncontrolled passion, with AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases in its train.