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06-May-2016 04:25

And while the series is sweeping in scope and lush in production—all told, it's speculated to have a 0 million budget, the largest of any previous Netflix show—"Elizabeth is a watcher and a thinker more than a doer," says Foy, a born-and-bred Brit who exhibited equally fervent restraint in her devastating portrayal of Anne Boleyn in last year's PBS Masterpiece show , which culminated in Boleyn's execution—a scene director Peter Kosminsky has said he was "most proud of in 35 years of filmmaking."As Elizabeth, Foy, a graduate of the Oxford School of Drama, navigates not only the complexities that come with monarchical rule—especially as a woman—but also the nurturing, if at times complicated, decades-long marriage between the queen and her husband, Prince Philip (Matt Smith).

The Wolf Hall actress said she had to shake off any preconceptions she had about the Royal family in a bid to approach them as human beings.

“I don’t think you can approach it as someone who’s grown up with that family, as we all have.

“I don’t know whether it’s fortunate or not but at the time, what was portrayed of them was what the palace was putting out there so any broadcast that they were doing was very engineered and very practised.